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GreatDane - Facial (modeled by Chris Baker)
The new GreatDane with the help of Jesse Davis who added the facial setup.
Download model (Maya 2008 and higher)


GreatDane (modeled by Chris Baker)
The Original Quadruped Rig built for the Autodesk MasterClass "Quadruped Animator Friendly Rigging". Only the segmented mesh with the control rig is available. There is no smooth skin nor facial setup yet.
Download model (Maya 8 and higher)


PackageMan v1.2    How to use (PM modeled by Bob White)
Fully rigged character. Facial Setup, IK/FK spine, IK/FK arms and a whole lot more.
Download model (Maya 5 and higher)


Troll (Troll modeled by Kenn Klick)
Character ideal for animation. Comes fully with facial set-up, IK/FK amrs, IK/FK spine and the works.
Download model (Maya 4 and higher)


Super Gramps (SG modeled by William Vaughan)
Character and rig built in the "Zero to Hero" CD.
Download model (Maya 4 and higher)


IK-Joe (IK-Joe modeled by Daniel Martinez Lara)
Fully rigged character ready to be animated. IK/FK switching, Reverse Foot Lock, IK/FK Spine and more.
Download model (Maya 4 and higher)


IK-Joe v2
A similar, yet different rig to IK-Joe v1 for those that feel comfortable with other controllers. This version is a little bit more advanced and comes with an additional facial setup.
Download model (Maya 5)                [Download model for Maya 4.5]


IK-Joe v3   
Yet another different rig for IK-Joe. This version has a very nice, simple yet advanced facial setup, plus quite a few new goodies.
Maker sure to read the PDF file for some insight on v3.
Download model (Maya 5)


IK-Joe XSI    (Rigged by Stefan Anderson)
Stefan Andersson made available his XSI version of the popular IK-Joe. This time for XSI users.
Download model (XSI 3.5.1)


Fully rigged character ready to be animated. IK/FK switching, Reverse Foot Lock, IK/FK Spine and more. The ideal companion for Ik-Joe and the same setup as IK-Joe v2.
Download model (Maya 5)                [Download model for Maya 4.5]




How to use Utility Nodes
Utility nodes can be an incredible thing to master. They might look scary and confusing in the beginning but once...
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Solid knee in IK leg.
You need a solid IK knee twist so that the character can do flips and any kind of movement without the knee causing any problems
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Working with Expressions and Constrains
Expressions and constrains are extremely powerful and a riggers closest friend...
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Reverse Foot Lock
The Reverse Foot Lock setup is an external set of bones that drive the foot of a character...
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IK/FK Switching
IK/FK switching set-up is mainly used for the arms. But it can be implemented in other parts of the body, like the feet...
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Spine Setup
This spine set-up will give you quite a bit of control by keeping things really simple.
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Elastic Foot using Expressions
Cartoon animation looks great with some squash and stretch. To be able to 'stretch' bones you need a set-up that can handle 'elasticity'
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Elastic Foot using Nodes
This tutorial differs from the above one in that it's built using nodes instead of expressions.
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Cartoony Eye
This tutorial shows how to create a cartoon eye that is not spherical and can have any shape and size that you want.
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rig101 List Utilities
This script will create a window listing the most significant Maya utility nodes, such as the condition, the multiplyDivide and the setRange.
Download script


rig101 LocknHide
This script will help you control the keyable and non-keyable attribues in your channel box as well as being able to lock and unlock them.
Download script


rig101 Wire Controllers
Creates wire controllers to use as manipulators
Download script


rig101 Template Objects
Templates or untemplates the objects selected
Download script


rig101 Multiple Influence
This simple script let's you select multiple influence objects and add them to your smooth skin instead of doing them one by one.
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What to put on a Creature TD Reel
Some DOs and DONTs on what to put on a creature TD reel.
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