Welcome to Rigging 101.

This site was created to teach the often overlooked aspects of 3D art: Rigging.

Rigging is the process of preparing a character (or object) for animation. It involves setting up an internal skeleton that affects where your character's joints are and how they move.

A good rig can make the difference between having to concentrate on your character's performance and having to fight with the controllers to make your character move. While a bad rig can often create more problems that what it solves, a good rig will save you a lot of headaches during the animation stage.

We hope you find this site educational.

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(December 08)

Joint us in the new forum to talk about all rigging issue!!!

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Huge thanks to Jesse Davis for adding facial setup to the Great Dane!
Many people have asked for it and it's finally here. Check it out on the free section.